Ready to Sell? What to Do

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What is my property worth?

It's important to know what your home would sell for in today's market. Request from BIRE your Free home valuation request today!

Prepare Your Home For Sale

No matter how great your home looks at first glance, any buyer will point to various parts and pop the question: How old?

How long items last depends on a lot of factors such as the model and how well it's been maintained, but you can get a general idea of average life span from the National Association of Home Builders.

Walk Through Your Home/ Repair or Replace?

Consider looking at the following items that may need some repairng or replacement:

•Wood rot around outside door frames, window ledges, and garage doors. Condensation and rain can cause these areas to weaken and rot. 

•Water stains on the ceiling or near doors and windows. This can indicate a leaky roof or rain seeping in from outside. •Leaks under sinks or around toilets. 

•Loose carpet or discoloration on hardwood floors, which can indicate flooding problems or an uneven foundation.

You Are Now Ready to List Your Home!

Look for the following when hiring a real estate agent.

  • Test their communication skills
  • Probe their experience
  • Assess their marketing skills

Seller Under Contract Process

The real estate term “under contract” means that a binding agreement exists between a buyer and a seller involving property. The buyer and the seller are in agreement with the terms in the contract. When a property is under contract, the seller may not enter into contract with any other buyer. This is because the buyer is under obligation to purchase to property from the seller. The process is as follows:

  1. Your escrow or earnest money deposicheck will be cashed
  2. Provide sellers disclosures
  3. Waiting through buyers due diligence period to acquire financing options, inspections, appraisal and association approvals if needed.
  4. Final Walk-through (day before closing)
  5. Closing Day



With full-service Bravo International Real Estate licensed associate will handle every aspect of the sale of your property from beginning to end. One of the biggest complaints about the real estate industry is the customer usually has no idea what their real estate associate is doing to service their listing. BIRE offers a straight forward process, so you know exactly what your agent is doing for you.   Bravo International Real Estate offers sellers a customized listing agreement to meet their needs and to optimize their capital outcome.

At BIRE, we apply an overall more attentive, personalized approach. A full service listing  for your property with BIRE provides consummate work in exposing your listing to thousands of potential buyers local and abroad. Our Associates deliver expert insight into a constant changing market, ensuring your property listing is marketed in the most effective and competitive manner. Below are our main services but not limited to depending on the individual transaction.

Services Provided

  • Free Home evaluation report
  • No listing cancellation fee
  • Prepare agreements & other required forms 
  • Receive photos and property description from seller 
  • Provide seller with signature with BIRE for sale yard sign 
  • Provide seller with lockbox or supra (if applicable)
  • Input property in Multiple Listing Service (MLS)   By distributing your listing information and photographs to over 700 premier consumer websites, from Zillow and Realtor.com to Trulia, we maximize every opportunity to bring qualified buyers to the table.
  • Provide seller with virtual tour 
  • Negotiate the price, terms and conditions of all offers   
  • Verify you have a complete fully executed contract   
  •  Contact closing company and loan officer (if applicable) designated to close the transaction and request preliminary HUD to determine estimate of proceeds   
  • Follow up with closing company to check on status of title search Confirm that buyers good faith deposit has been received Collect any deed restrictions, by-laws, rules, regulations, etc.  (if applicable)    
  • Coordinate interviews with condo/homeowner associations  (if applicable)    
  • Coordinate all inspections; including  (home, 4-point, wind mitigation, termite)    
  • Follow-up after all inspections have been completed to discuss results  
  • Negotiate with buyer's agent any repairs based on inspection results   
  • Maintain contact with the buyers lender or agent until loan approval has been received 
  • Coordinate appraisal with the lender   
  • Coordinate survey with the title company   
  • Confirm with buyer's agent that buyers have all necessary insurance   
  • Notify or inform all parties of all applicable contingencies & deadlines   
  • Contact any management companies to confirm restrictions, fees, etc.  Review final settlement statement/HUD to make sure all figures are accurate   
  • Confirm with seller that any agreed upon repairs were completed   
  • Coordinate final walk-thru of the property with the buyer's agent  
  • Coordinate with closing company a date and time for closing   
  • Review of all items that you will need to bring for closing   
  • Notify homeowner to cancel/transfer all services that pertain to the property  

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your property has been sold with Bravo International Real Estate!

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